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Join the Couple Learning programme


Couple Learning Programme is a cycle of events, created by students, for STUDENTS. Program’s purpose is to help learn LANGUAGES from each other in an INFORMAL way and in the meantime, learn about each other’s CULTURE.

How does that work? Participants are divided in pairs where one is a Latvian student, and another is a foreign languages student. By meeting up from time to time as well as by fulfilling the tasks, given by organizers, they are learning new languages and, at the same time, gaining knowledge and experiencing a new culture. Program is 3 months long for you to get the most of it.

Register HERE

Deadline for the registration is on 7th of October.


  • To learn or practice new languages
  • To learn more about different cultures
  • To meet lots of new people
  • To participate in meetings, where all the participants come together to jump in various activities
  • It costs only will and courage
  • And most of all… It’s fun!

Event is organized by students’ councils of 3 major universities – University of Latvia, Riga Technical University and Riga Stradiņš University. Every semester up to 200 students come together to participate in CLP. Be one of them!

More information about previous CLP events can be found at


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